Pictish Trail anteprima


Il 13 Luglio lo scozzese Johnny Lynch pubblicherà la Deluxe Edition di ‘Future Echoes’ del progetto Pictish Trail (2LP cosmic vinyl), qui in ANTEPRIMA il remix di White Poppy della traccia ‘Until Now’:



The second LP is a bonus disc, the first side of which contains stripped-back reinterpretations of Future Echoes, recorded with my friend Suse Bear, last year. I’ve dubbed these versions ‘Winter Rewind Acid Reflux’, mostly for confusion’s sake. There’s also an interstellar remix of the song ‘Until Now’ by White Poppy, a Canadian lo-fi/ambient musician, whose album Natural Phenomena has been an obsession of mine for the past 3 years, and a big influence on Future Echoes. I was over the moon when she agreed to do the remix, and it sounds so beautiful, and suitably cosmic.


  1. After Life (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux)
  2. Lionhead (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux)
  3. Dead Connection (Winter Rewind Acid Reflux)
  4. Until Now (White Poppy Remix)
  5. Half Life
  6. Far Gone (Don’t Leave)
  7. Strange Sun
  8. Browbeaten (Live at BBC Radio Scotland)