Cover art revealed

Ancient Egypt-themed Death Metal act NILE have just revealed the cover artwork of their upcoming album: At The Gate Of Sethu. Artwork was handled this time by a true genius of darkened visuals, Seth Siro Anton (Soilwork, Paradise Lost, SepticFlesh).


Band mastermind Karl Sanders commented:

“Seth Siro Anton has designed the cover. I have been a fan of Septic Flesh a long time, and as Seth expressed interest, I knew that he would deliver a great job.I would say his work is easily the best we’ve ever had. He has captured the darker side of the sound of Nile and reflected the music and ideas, the heart and soul of Nile are forming. Seth is a very talented man and understands exactly who we are. “


Seth Siro Anton states:

“It is no secret that I admire the powerful stylistic lines of the magical symbols that still transmit the aura of ancient Egypt, preserving in time the ancient mysteries. Also, I am fascinated from the final frozen moment of the flesh captured in an eternal sleeping stasis, at the completion of the mummification process. So, with a great pleasure I accepted the challenge, to visualize the new masterpiece of Nile At the gate of Sethu’’


At the gate of Sethu’’ will be released June 29, 2012 via Nuclear Blast. Nile will play at Bloostock Open Air ( on Sunday, August 12th.