MISERY INDEX | Esclusiva Streaming

In anticipazione al quinto full-lenght in arrive il 23 Magigo dal titolo The Killing Gods, gli americani  MISERY INDEX  offrono uno  streaming esclusivo della traccia The Calling disponibile fino a martedì 8 aprile alle ore 23.59 CET.


1. Urfaust

2. The Calling

3. The Oath

4. Conjuring the Cull

5. The Harrowing

6. The Killing Gods

7. Cross to Bear

8. Gallows Humor

9. The Weakener

10. Sentinels

11. Colony Collapse (feat. John Gallagher, DYING FETUS)

12. Heretics

13. Thieves of the New World Order [MINISTRY cover bonus track]



Jason Netherton: bass, vocals

Adam Jarvis: drums

Mark Kloeppel: guitar, vocals

Darin Morris: lead guitar