JACOB BELLENS Anteprima Video

Untouchable” è il primo singolo estratto da “Polyester Skin”, il nuovo album di JACOB BELLENS prodotto da Kasper Bjørke con il contributo di Nils Grøndahl (violino) e Jakob Høyer (batteria): qui in ANTEPRIMA il video.



It’s a

“slow, sort of trip hop sounding ballad that was the last song added to the album. It’s a dark and somewhat symphon- ic track that has a sinister feel and is basically about not get- ting along with the one you love.”

 says Jacob.

There’s a love and a sense of direction in the matter that keeps us apart there’s a light coming out of the woodworks from a crack in the door to my heart cause the summer is taking forever cause I can’t take the heat anymore cause I know that for worse or for better I’m at war with the one that I want


Il video è diretto da Rikke Benborg.

Attori: Rose Chie Mori, Marshall Korshak.

Camera: Rikke Benborg, Ingo Mittelstaedt.

Assistente: Shrutti Garg.

Costumi: Rikke Benborg.

Edit: Rikke Benborg

Special Thanks: Christian Alkjær, Evan Reehl Ryer, ISCP New York, Danish Arts Foundation


“In 2015 I recorded the footage for my 8mm film Broken, which is now being reedited to accompany Jacob Bellens song Un- touchable”, says Benborg, “A doll-like man is pulled through the streets of New York by a young woman with metallic teeth. They both have silvery eyes, and are dressed in costumes made of reflective material. It is never clear whether he is alive or dead, neither if the two people in the film are humans, an- droids or from another galaxy. I wanted to make a film, which is both about human greed and about how difficult it is to be human in a world without meaning and coherence. About per- sonal loss and about being broken. We are surrounded by death and (natural) disasters, by doom and theories about a new Anthropocene era. But the more technologically ad- vanced we become, the more we are also removing ourselves from ourselves, our senses and our unity with nature.”