London, Relentless Garage

29 September

Fabiola Santini


Finally, and rather abruptly (considering the time of year,) the summer has exploded in England.  Drones of heavy duty thrashers, showing no mercy and who were positively on fire (much like today’s abnormally high temperature,) have been pouring into the Relentless Garage, with uncontrollable speed and ferocity, to witness Evile’s first UK tour since releasing their latest album, Five Serpent’s Teeth, only three days earlier.  The opening quartet, Sworn Amongst, invaded the scorching stage ready to conquer and consequently set the bar high with their destructive growls and hurricane fuelled riffs, which hit the crowd with bulldozer like force.  When Huddersfield’s Evile took the stage, the crowd was incited into total havoc with the playing of the title track, Five Serpent’s Teeth; however, the true anticipation was for the long awaited track, Cult.  The superb frontman, Matt Drake’s, screams made it impossible to resist his request: All we ask is that you join our cult.  Evile’s combination of modern thrash, with just a touch of that British class, made for a distinctive and solid live experience.  The encore of Armoured Assault arrived far too quickly, however, and left the crowd with an insatiable hunger for more.