London, Relentless Garage

28th October



So it looks like the seventies are back again; however, tonight they are definitely back with a vengeance! British old-school rockers, Gentleman’s Pistols, did an astonishing job of opening the evening with their hit Living in Sin Again, which was delivered by the brilliantly passionate vocalist and guitarist, James Atkinson, and the top-notch guitarist Bill Steer (does anybody remember Carcass?). Any band would be hard pressed to follow such an amazing introduction.  Hailing from Ireland, The Answer are well on their way to veteran status. Back on the road after accompanying AC/DC on the 2008 and 2009 legs of their Black Ice World Tour, they have struck again, this time bringing a live flavour of their latest album, Revival, which is the third since their scorching 2006 debut. A massive reaction to the third song on the set-list, Vida and the addictive moves of frontman Cormac Neeson, transform the venue as an immense and irrepressible dance floor. The Answer leave their fans with the opening track of Revival, Waste Your Tears and a promise: this is just the beginning. Be prepared to see much more in the near future!

 Fabiola Santini