Seth: anteprima singolo e video

In anticipazione a The Howling Spirit, quinto full-lenght per i black metallers francesi Seth (in uscita il 7 giugno)  ecco uno streaming esclusivo del primo singolo e lyric video dell’album, Scars Born From Bleeding Stars, disponibile fino a lunedì 22 aprile alle ore 23.59  CET.


1. In Aching Agony
2. Killing My Eyes
3. One Ear to the Earth, One Eye on Heaven
4. Howling Prayers (Act I)
5. He Whose Heart Is Heavy with Sin
6. Ten Barrels (A Scourge for the World, a Plague for His Soul) [bonus track]
7. Scars Born from Bleeding Stars
8. Howling Prayers (Act II) [bonus track]
9. Mort-luisant
10. Dicing with Death

Black Messiah: vocals
Alsvid: drums
Heimoth: guitar
Cyriex: guitar
Eguil: bass